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SeqSearch is build around a collection of databases for restriction enzymes, DNA sequences, plasmids, contructs, oligo's and motifs and offers an extended set of editing and analysis tools. A clone bench is included to design constructs from the plasmid and sequence databases. Due to the ability to maintain seperate sets of databases, the package can be used by multiple users or for maintaining multiple projects.

New Release
The latest release is SeqSearch for Windows v1.2, this version adresses several bugs in v1.1 and offers some new features. If you already evaluating SeqSearch v1.1 you can get the update here or you can download the whole package

New Website
If you visited our website earlier you may noticed that we redesigned the site.Starting with the release of version 1.2 we will list new features and fixed bugs. If you have any comments or suggestions concerning the site or SeqSearch itself please let us know
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Clone Bench
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